1 ene. 2012


The last and first drawing of the year... yo!
Happy, marvelous, and REVEALING new year for everyone!!
And now... let's the TANDA begin!!

"Oh, so kind of you!"

Part of my art trade with the great and only Stixdude!!!

My mission was to draw Froggy, one of his characters!
I really went on my own with this, since i have no backstory or similar... hope i didn't do it too much xD

Hope you like, dude ;D

His part


Pidgeot and Kabutops~

The Common Alexander, the protagonist of two homemade movies i did with my friends years ago. These films aren't made to be seen by human eyes, so they are more like a big joke between friends... although, i want to, someday... make them REAL movies! ...and a GREAT ones, i must say.
Now, some background:

The Common Alexander is a peaceful creature, one of its kind, that loves to eat and sleep... but have such a great power inside, that it's officially the "Second Most Powerful Biological Weapon of the World". Also, it can teleport itself.
Due to its powerness, a certain person have been sending cyborgs clones to fight the Common Alexander, in order to know the secrets of its abilities...

The Common Alexander will be able to live a quiet life someday?!

HE! -thinks the young spy. The events were going just like he planned-

...Also, there is a floating face. He likes so much his big floppy ears. So much.
Oh, and i'm animating that spy for animation class. He's the star of the exercise :L

When Browstache Grandpa ride trucks he remembers his youth.

A extremely quick doodle of me and my team, running or something. It was so quick that i don't even have a proper body xDD

Redesigning my old character Kimero i am!
I have to draw a color pencils illustration for color class, and i chose Kimero! ...Who I hadn't draw for ages, so i instantaneously draw her differently... and then the redesign started! Weheheeeeehihuhaho P:

"Si te fijas, los coches son como lagartijillas que andan para atrás sin quererlo"

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JFDP13 bramó... 1/1/12 18:03

Como podéis ver, no me apetecía escribir demasiado.
Luego si eso aclaro cosas.

Galbix bramó... 1/1/12 18:40

Me ha gustado el Duskull, nigga.

Y... eso.

JFDP13 bramó... 1/1/12 18:55

Arigato nigga.

JFDP13 bramó... 3/1/12 2:04

Ala, actualizado con info jugosa.
Está en inglés porque está copiao de mi dA. Así el esfuerzo es mínimo, aprendéis igrésh (que nunca viene mal, oiga) y el resultado sigue siendo propicio y efectivo ;D