6 abr. 2011

Genialidades de Youtube: The Adventures of Duane & BrandO

Seguro que más de uno de los aquí presentes recuerda con añoranza aquellas viejas melodías de juegos que ya han pasado a formar parte del apartado "Leyendas" en el mundo de los videojuegos. Si, hablo de títulos como Castlevania, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Double Dragon, Mega Man o incluso celebérrimo Mario. También sabréis, si veis con regularidad la ingente cantidad de vídeos relacionados con el tema en Youtube, que existen muchas re-conversiones que se valen de esa melodía pegadiza para crear una nueva canción adaptada a los nuevos tiempos. No siempre esta combinación resulta satisfactoria, y la mayoría de las veces su popularidad se debe únicamente a la parte nostálgica que nos procesa el escucharla. Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo algunas personas consiguen igualar la balanza creando una canción que, aunque también gana puntos por abordar la temática de las susodichos sagas, consigue brillar con luz propia en el panorama de tributos videojueguiles.

Los videos que os presento hoy forman parte de este excelso grupo. Duane & Brando, los creadores, son dos estadounidenses amantes de la guitarra eléctrica, el rap y los videojuegos (obviamente). Un dia, hace ya unos cuantos años, decidieron subir una de sus creaciones a Youtube. Fue un éxito total, adquierieron notoriedad rapidamente y la gente comenzó a relacionarlos con el estilo - que comenzaba a ser importante por aquellos años- Nerdcore, una fusión de los términos "hardcore" y "nerd". Cada nuevo vídeo que colgaban en la red superaba en popularidad al anterior, e incluso llegaron al punto de grabar su propio LP. El LP of Devastation (2009) -que podéis descargar gratuitamente, y junto a otros similares, desde aquí- une canciones-tributo con otras de su propia cosecha. Todo parecía ir como la seda para ambos pero, por desgracia, en 2010 se disociaron por "diferencias creativas". Actualmente ambos continúan con sus proyectos en solitario y siguen ofreciendo a los usuarios su música.

Creo que ya os he puesto en antecedentes suficientemente, es hora de que juzgues por vosotros mismo sin merecen o no la pena estas canciones:

Once upon a time in the land of Hyrule, everyone was okay and everything was cool.
Until the Dark Prince Ganon appeared and said:

That's right!
Now everything's great.
And its almost my 16th birthday.
Now all of a sudden I got a mark on my hand.
(You must find the Triforce of Courage.)
Not again!

Lets open up the door to the North Palace.
Now I'm reading this ancient scroll, so callused.
Zelda fell asleep a long time ago?
Is it the same Zelda? Am I the same Link? (Who knows?)

This game is so confusing. when the hell does it take place? (I don't know!)
Which Zelda did I rescue? Where the hell's my boomerang? (I don't know!)

You and everybody else in the world, Duane.
You know I love this game, bro. I ain't complainin'.
So, I guess I'll just type in my name.
Just pretend its the same game.
Switch my mind-frame.
It's a whole new quest.
It's no contest, G.
I'm making this a conquest, Don't question me.
You see this game doesn't get enough notoriety.
So let's do this fuckin' think before I just play 3.

The name's Link.
But you already know.
I got the flow.
And the know-how.
This wisdom and the Power. (let's go!)
I bet the townsfolk can help me on my tedious quest.
Get candle in Parappa Palace, Go west!
Okay... (Liar!)
We all know it's in the East.
Plenty of beasts.
But I got my shield spell at least.
Rest in piece.
As I stab you in your face.
I got 6 different crystals to open the gate.
To the Valley of Death and fight the guardian that awaits.
To get the Triforce of Courage, wish Zelda back awake.
Clean slate.
Relate with no hate.
Replace it with my magical shield and this blade.

I walked off the path and I was unprepared.
I've got 1 heart and monsters are everywhere.

(Bullshit! That just ain't fair. Shut the fuck up, Gannon! Nobody cares!)

A little frustrated BrandO?

Only a cunt hair.
You ain't seen shit I got the strength of a bear.
That has the strength of ten gorillas. I'll kill you dead.
I got a shit ton of spells, but I think that I'll stab you instead.
I'll fight mightily until everything's all right.
I am the Hero of Time and now it's time to say goodnight.

Well I made it to the palace, I got nothin to lose.
Ridin' up and down on these elevators (Awesome dude!)
I gotta find the key to open up these doors first.
Before I lift this curse that's been put on this earth.
I'll stab that fuckin' Horse Head and put him on my wall.
Helmethead ain't gonna be a fuckin' problem at all.
That ghost ridin' Reubenok licks ghost horse balls!
Reflect Carock's spells, brawl with Gooma and make Barba fall!
I'll kill 'em all bitch Thunderbird is a joke!
I'll cast Fire and the smoke from your face will make you choke.
So don't provoke me.
I'm focused on killin' every one of you.
Bring back the peace and wake the princess, why you runnin' dude?

Come here and get what's coming to ya, bring it on bitch.
I'll split your fuckin' face apart and cook it like and omlette.
I'm on top of it there ain't no stoppin' this shit.
I'll leave your runnin' ass 'Walken' like your name was Chris.

Nanaki's View in this track, Chris is rockin' them shits.
Bringin' me straight though the battle rippin' guitar licks. (Ha ha!)

You know that I will save you.
I'm made to.
I'm breaking through.

You know that I have faith, Link.
I'll wait, Link.
I'll wait for you.

You have no choice, love.

I know that you'll rescue me.
This is our destiny.

I hear your voice, love.
I've only just met you but something inside of me drives me on.
So I battle.
Who are you!?

I'm your shadow!
I come from the darkness, you blasphemous side.
Created by hatred and eyes in the sky.
After I beat you, I'll live in your mind.
And use the Triforce to bring Gannon to life!
Look in my eyes, we are one of a kind!
Same moves!
Same tights!
Same fuckin' drive!

You underestimate me, me, I got us all figure out.
So go and swing into the air like during me and Gannon's last bout.
Shout for your mama, Shadow, fear my light.
I'm like a lightning storm, frightening you, haunting your night.
You're just a shadow of the best there was and ever will be.
I'll make you look like fuckin' Peter Pan, you'll never kill me.

I know all your moves, I feel all your pain!
You're a slave to the princess, a fuckin' shame!
Hyrule could be ours, take my hand.
We can rule the kingdom, devour the land.
You'll never defeat me, you know that I'm right.
You're a servant, a pawn, and your living a lie!

I'm gonna live and let you die, bitch, cause I don't need you.
I think I'll just crouch down over here and stab your knees, dude.
Stabby, stab, stab, how you like that shit.
I'm gonna call your Error 'cause your fuckin' useless.
I'll bet your knees are more sore than a Flint-town whore.
And when I'm finished with you, well, maybe I'll score.

I just beat the game!
Yes I did!

You saved Hyrule.
And you're a real hero!

I know right?
I got zero fear, ho.
Yo, check it out, princes, gimme a kiss.
You know you can't resist these lips, watch this.
When the curtain goes down, Link's goin' up

Oh stop yourself.

Well excuse me-

Shut up.

There's only one way to shut me up, I mean besides.
We're brother and sister in the next game right?

(For real.)

I guess you've got a point.

Sin duda alguna, mi canción favorita de DnB. Junta ritmos vibrantes con rimas pegadizas y muy bien colocadas, e incluso cuestionan la ya de por si polémica linea temporal de los Zelda. Si os ha gustado este en concreto por la temática os recomiendo buscar la primera parte (que podéis encontrar en los vídeos relacionados).


I'm a super fightin' robot from the year 2010.
On a quest from Dr. Light to make the city safe again.
See all these robots were created to make the planet safe.
'Til Dr. Wily double crossed us and set fire to the place.
Dr. Wily had other plans to take over this bitch.
Re-programmed my brother and stole all them shits.
My name is Mega Man on my jet-dog Rush.
Got a cannon arm for y'all to keep your mouth shut, c'mon!
Ve interrupt the program vith terrible news.
Dr. Light has been kidnapped by, GUESS WHO?!
Thanks Wily, it's not like I got shit to do.
Why not waste all of energy, fuckin' with you?!
C'mon Rush we gotta go and save Dr. Light.
And then teach Dr. Wily the wrong from the right, alright?

Hey bro, Proto Man here, so what's up?
I got eight of my buddies built, for messin' you up.
But who cares? I wish I did, but I'm just not built for that bro.
I gotta fly, hope you're ready to go.
Choose carefully you motherfu-.
Why you gotta interru-?
NOPE. Nuh-uh. Don't think so.

If I'm gonna win I'll have to upgrade my shit.
Remember when I beat 'em to steal their power chips.
Charge my power beam when I enter the room.
And then boom-ba da-boom-boom boom-de-boom-boom.
To the windows, to the wall.
'Til the sweat drips from my balls.
I'm beatin' ya down to the fuckin' ground.
I got a Mega Buster for y'all, cmon!
Metal Man will rock your shit! You're hit don't you forget it bitch!
Throw a saw blade into your face!
Let's face it you will taste my razor blades!
Umm, whatever you're the first boss bitch.
I don't even need a special power to take your shit.
Yeah you're right, I'm no big deal...
One shot from my arm cannon, your power's a "steel"- DEAD.

I'm comin' to get you, fffucker.
Stop yourself...
Hey there freak these freakin' woods are mine.
The name is Wood Man, have some freakin' leaves and vines.
Bitch I upgraded my cannon with some Metal Blade's for 'ya.
Fuck Mega Man I'm the forest-a-destroya!
You'll never get passed my freakin' shield of leaves.
I'm Mega Man punk, don't you know me? BELIEVE IT.
I guess I'll just throw the freakin' thing at your ass.
Jump over that shit, then your ass is grass- DEAD.

Two down, six more to go- beat you in a flash bitch, there 'ya-.
You fool, Flash Man in the House and I'm breakin' the rules!
No fair I'm frozen in the air.
Time's on my side, no time to spare.
'Bout to shoot these Metal Blade's straight in your face.
Put all of Wily's robots in their place!
Leave you there so long you rust.
When I'm done here all that'll be left is dust.
My time to shine 'cause I'm better than most.
The trendsetter with the blue suit, you're toast!
Umm, I got a blue suit too? At least I'm not as silly as you.
I'm gonna throw this Metal Blade and cut a hole in your ass.
I think I'll have my dog Rush take a picture of that, DEAD.

The name's Bubble Man and I got somethin' to say...
DEAD. I'm not fuckin' with you.

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane.
It's Air Man bitch, and I'm bringin' the pain!
I got a fan installed, in my grill, no lie.
I'm gonna blow your ass straight off the map, GOODBYE.
Beat you breathe you make you Co2.
Blow all you want my Leaf Shield repels you.
So blow me phony, your whole act's baloney.
You don't even pose a treat I'm not frettin' it homie.
SHIT! I'm as useless as Bubble Man.
Wow that's fuckin' pathetic my leaves jammed your fan- DEAD.

I'll sneak up, and hit ya like a fuckin' tornado.
Puttin' Crash Man in the trash can like yesterday's tomatoes.
C'mon now...
Crashin' the party it's Mega Man baby. Mega Man's in the house!
Quit messin' around...
It's all gravy.
I... will fuck you up.
I'monna fuck you up, Mega Man. You can't catch me!
Totally total your ass, I ain't messin' around.
I... will throw a bomb, and then I will jump around-.
What's that sound I hear?
That shit's the wind and it's pullin' ya down.

I'm Quick Man dressed in red.
I got a yellow boomerang, attached to my head.
Look without the guilt I'll fuckin' drink you in milk.
For tryin' to destroy this planet we built.
Oh c'mon Mega, don't be sour!
What I lack with speed I make up for in POWER.
You can't touch my turbo skill.
With the Crash Bombs, I'm comin in for the kill- DEAD.

Anyone got a light? I need a cigarrette.
Here 'ya go bro.
Bitch you're gonna regret.
Uhh, one more boss, don't forget, I'd love to stay, but I gotta jet!
'Sup Heat Man let's do this fast.
My pussy-ass brother just bailed on your ass.
It's time to blow bubbles, the bad kind though.
Don't get too close, I might blow.
Who knows what flows from the Earth? I DO!
I'm gonna spew red goo all over your shoes.
I got a face for radio and a box for a suit.
Capcom really didn't spend much time on you.
Check it out, I'm tired of you.
I gotta get to Light before his time is through.
I got my cannon ready, I got huntin' to do.
I've got more hot than a cow has moo.
I will burn you with my flame!
Zippo is my middle name!
I'm done fuckin' around, eight-bit clown.
Here's a bubble have fun six feet underground- DEAD.

I'm comin' to get you, you German bastard!
You will never make it through my fortress, Mega Man.
I'm taking over the world! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Shit, c'mon Rush we've gotta make it through the castle.
Over the ladder and make it to the battle.
Dr. Light needs our help and the world needs his genius.
Wily can suck a penis! J-J-Jump over the roof.
Charge my cannon and shoot.
Come and face me like a man you old coot.
I'm tired of fightin' robots and cleanin' up your messes.
I'm takin' out the trash, it's time to learn a lesson.
So come down to the ground out of your spaceship.
You ain't got the BALLS to be fuckin' with this shit.
After I take you I'll rip outchya brain!
They won't even remember your name, c'mon.
You fuckin' meanie, you 10-pound weenie.
To get the world you'll have to go through me.
My name is Mega Man you can call me "Rock".
'Cause I'll be rockin' your shit up and down the block.
And that's how we ROLL.
Need my help?
Nuh-uh, get back in the kitchen, shit is under control.
It's a man's world baby, don't be flashin' ya vag.
Here's my back hand bitch you got a prob'm with that?
Saw blade the Mecha Dragon I just won't quit.
Quick Boomerang the Guts Dozer hit the switch.
Mega Man motherfucker and I'm rockin' this bitch!

Mega Man! You're right on time.
I will annihilate you once and for all. You're mine!
I'll shoot you down from the sky, you'll never take me alive.
With these Metal Blade's I'm packin' you'll die, that's no lie!
Join us Mega Man we could take over this place.
Dominate the human race.
Face it you could always be replaced!
You old geezer, I'll take your ass down any day.
You'll never be as smart as Dr. Light is any way!
You're artificial Mega Man, what do you care?
I'll tear the world apart without you I hope you're prepared.
What the fuck?! You're an alien, you've gotta be kiddin' me.
You nut sack don't fight back I'll embarrass you E.T.
Dr. Wily phone home! I do love Reeses...
You're nothing but a thesis, I'll blow you to pieces.
Check it out, here's my bubble, I'm done with ya crazy.
Now get on your knees and cry like a lady!
...Yer mother.

Homenaje al mítico Megaman 2 de la NES. Me gusta especialmente como cambia el estilo dependiendo de la fase en la que se encuentran, el final también es sobresaliente. También es genial como señalan las partes complicadas del juego -como esas malditas escaleras- haciendo especial hincapié en ellas.

Otro pepinazo como la copa de un pino, esta vez con un estilo ligeramente diferente. Me encanta el comienzo, la forma en la que lee la historia. Es alucinante como conserva esa frescura característica en todo momento a pesar de durar ocho minutos.

Action Adventure (web de Duane)
The amazing brandO (web de BrandO)

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JFDP13 bramó... 6/4/11 22:49

Una pena que se separasen. A ver si retomo el proyecto de traducir y subtitularlas.
Pero eso tendrá que esperar~

PD: El de Castlevania no lo había visto, y eso se debe a que es obra de Brand0 en solitario. Duane también ha echo un par de esas.

Galbix bramó... 6/4/11 23:08

Si, aquí puse solo mis favoritas.

Me encanta la de Ice Climber <3

|X| bramó... 6/4/11 23:35

Joder que grandes. El de megaman fue mi favorito. Cuando aparece la tía y el megaman le dice que vuelva a la cocina y le pega un empujón...